TIC Email Newsletter

Free multilingual Email Newsletter service (1 to 2 times per month)

Information delivered via e-mail in 6 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Korean).

We will be providing TIC updates, event information, life and health tips geared toward foreign residents, as well as disaster prevention information.


Registration and cancellation

To register, send a blank mail to the address for the language of your choice.

To cancel, send a message stating your request to the same address. 

▼Addresses for registration / cancellation:

  Japanese     enewsja@tic-toyama.or.jp

  English            enewsen@tic-toyama.or.jp

  Chinese       enewsch@tic-toyama.or.jp

  Portuguese      enewspt@tic-toyama.or.jp

  Russian            enewsru@tic-toyama.or.jp

  Korean             enewsko@tic-toyama.or.jp



Registration is possible with both PC and cellular phone (*certain models may not be compatible with certain languages)

Make sure to adjust your settings if your device has limitations on receiving e-mails.